Subaru Vehicle Recalls

We're Committed to Keeping You Safe-Here's What You Need to Know About Subaru Recalls

Here at Garcia Subaru East, we're committed to serving drivers from Albuquerque, North Valley, Rio Rancho, and South Valley, NM and it's our pleasure to represent the outstanding Subaru lineup in the area. Of course, this also means we take our duty to keep clients informed and safe very seriously. When a Subaru recall comes along, we want to be able to inform our customers in an easy, timely manner so we can ensure those who need repairs or replacements can get them as soon as possible and as conveniently as possible.

When a big recall happens, it's important not to panic; most recalls are for preventative reasons, which means there isn't anything necessarily wrong with your vehicle, but the recall is important to ensure nothing goes wrong down the road. When a recall happens, it means there is a specific defect that has been identified in vehicles like yours or sharing parts that are in your vehicle, though this shouldn't dissuade anyone from seeking recall repair services- we just want to put recalls in perspective.

How Can I Know Whether a Recall Affects Me & My Subaru?

In the interest of openness and transparency, we've made it easy to run your VIN (vehicle identification number) through a database of current recalls. Using the module below, enter the 17-digit VIN that corresponds with your vehicle, and if there are any applicable recalls, it will let you know!

***After running your VIN through the module above, if you’ve identified any applicable recall notices, make sure to get in contact with our Service Department to see when you can schedule your appointment for repairs���free of charge, of course! You may need your recall notice with you when you come in for your recall work, so be sure to speak to someone in our department before coming in for recall service work.
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