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Oil is the life-blood of your engine. 

Keep your Engine Running with an Oil & Filter Change from Garcia Subaru in Albuquerque!

Every second your engine is running, thousands of explosions are occurring inside the cylinders, and this rapid movement of the internal parts causes friction and heat. Without clean oil, the parts don't slide past each other easily. Changing oil too infrequently can let particulate, gunk and tiny metal shavings build up and damage internal components. 

If you're using regular oil, it should be changed every 3,750 miles. Synthetic oils are generally a little bit more expensive, but last longer. Consult your car's owner manual for the recommended oil change schedule, and don't forget. It's also a good idea to change the filter each time you change the oil. Lastly, this is also a good time to change the cabin or engine air filter to get maximum performance from your engine. Can't remember the last time your oil was changed? It's probably past due! Bring it in to the Garcia Subaru Service Center  in Albuquerque where our Certified Technicians can help. We have experience servicing cars, trucks and SUVs from all top automakers. It doesn't matter if your car is new or used you still need to get regular oil changes!

At Garcia Subaru when you come in for an oil change you get more than just fresh oil and a new filter. We will also check and top off your engine coolant, inspect and set tire pressures, and complete a multi-point inspection to make sure that your vehicle is in prime condition.

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