Top Five Reasons Why You Should Consider a Subaru as Your Next Car


Subaru is known for its dedication to rugged design and affordable prices, but what makes it the ideal pick for your next car? At Garcia Subaru East, we carry the latest Subaru models and know they offer an experience that few other brands can. Whether you're interested in off-roading, family trips, or just everyday driving, Subaru models cover all your bases.

Let's run through five reasons why a Subaru should be your next car.



Subaru exceeds at engineering and designing vehicles that last. Built with high-quality materials and innovative features, 97% of Subaru models built in the past ten years are still on the road today. Not only does this bode well for past models, but with Subaru's dedication to durability, you can expect that new models will be running smoothly for many years to come.

A new vehicle is an investment in your future, and when you choose a Subaru, you ensure that you get your money's worth by having a vehicle that won't quit on you. For a workhorse vehicle, it is essential that it is one that you can count on every time you get in the driver's seat, and that's exactly what Subaru vehicles offer.


Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

What do you need all-wheel drive for in New Mexico? With the iconic Symmetrical All-Wheel drive coming standard on all Subaru models, you will not only have an incredible amount of grip and control on wet conditions, but it will also decrease body-roll and increase stability in dry conditions. The additional control and connection are always helpful for any driver.


Innovative Features

What kind of features? Whether it's safety, performance, or technology features, you can expect the latest from Subaru. With EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology becoming even more available in the current lineup than before, you can benefit from highly esteemed safety capabilities.


A Well-Rounded Subaru Family

Whether you're interested in a nimble compact, family-oriented SUV, or a high-performance car, Subaru has the variety you need to match your driving preference to a high-quality vehicle.


Spreading the Love

When you consider a Subaru, you are not only considering a high-quality vehicle, but you also become part of Subaru's mission to give back to communities. Through donations and working with communities and organizations, it's Subaru's goal to help the communities and address the issues that you care about.


Interested in learning more about why you should choose a Subaru? Speak with our sales department to discover all the benefits of driving a new Subaru.

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